Contributing: Artwork
Orion's Arm is happy to accept artwork from members and select non-members in all mediums (digital, pencil, watercolor, oils, etc.) that can be effectively displayed on the project website. The following guidelines should be followed when submitting or considering artwork for inclusion in the project.

Basic Guidelines:

1) All submitted artwork must be print/publish ready.

2) Images should be at least 500 pixels wide. Largest recommended size is 1024 pixels wide. Submit Larger image sizes if necessary (Maps, etc)

3) Images should be clear and not overly blurry or `softened' unless this is done deliberately on the part of the artist as part of the work itself.

4) No hue-shifted or inverted-color images made by others should be used except in the case of public-domain images. In the case of public-domain images, credit should be given for both the original image and the modified version.

5) Artwork is subject to the same Canon guidelines as all other material submitted for addition to the project.

Artwork Submission Process:

Artwork that is to be considered for inclusion in the Orion's Arm Universe Project, must be submitted and reviewed according to the following guidelines:

1) A link to the location of the artwork or an attachment of the file itself should be posted to the art subforum. This post must provide information on the name of the artist(s), and any necessary permissions of use if the submitting member is not the artist. The submitting member may choose at their discretion to also post suggestions as to where they would like the artwork in question used.

2) The membership will review and consider the artwork and may offer critiques or praise based on the following guidelines.

3) The artwork may be modified in response to the feedback presented or the left unchanged with an explanation on the part of the artist as to why they feel the artwork as submitted does not need modification or cannot be practically modified. If modifications are made to the artwork, they should be resubmitted as a link with the file name changed to include an updated version number. This process should be repeated until a `final' version of the artwork is produced.

4) Once a final version of the artwork is produced, it should be placed in the Submissions folder after which it will be added to the Orion's Arm project in a timely manner.

Artwork that is submitted to the Orion's Arm Universe Project without a suggested location in the Project will be placed on the Orion's Arm Art Gallery Pages until project management determines a specific location for it.

Third Party Artwork

Third party (non-member) artwork may be included in the Orion's Arm Universe Project although member artwork is always preferred. Third party artwork submitted for consideration for inclusion in the project will be subject to the following guidelines:

1) The artwork/artist should be "sponsored" by a member. That is to say, a member should present the artwork (including a link to its location) to the discussion lists along with a brief explanation of why they think it should be included in OA. In certain circumstances, the sponsor of a third party artwork may be asked to act as a representative of the OAUP when initially contacting the artist on the project's behalf.

2) Third party artwork must be Canon compliant and is subject to the same Basic Guidelines as all other submissions to the project.

3) Third party artwork will be considered by the membership in the same fashion as all other artwork submitted.

4) Third party artwork may be subject to specific usage guidelines separate from those in use for member work submitted to the project. These specific guidelines will be negotiated with the artist in the event that a decision is made to request that their artwork be used by the project.

5) 'AI' artwork, or Artwork/images created by VQGAN+CLIP, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, Midjourney or similar software tools is welcome, but may be subject to higher standards. Image Credit will be given to the tool used first, and to the prompt writer second, depending on how much human decision making the process involved. "Image by DALL-E and by YourName". Any fully "AI-made" images will not be copyrightable and are subject to the terms of service from the software which generated them.

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