Mooclick the Muuh and the Time Machine
Cygnus X-1
Image from Steve Bowers
by Eric Lo (2011)

A Muuh's Adventure at Cygnus X1

A Fable

6000 years in the future

Montsy Muuh's ship is orbiting the space 2 kilometers above Cygnus X-1's event horizon. Accelerating to 99.9C, Mooclik orbiting the black hole a million kilometers away sees Montsy Muuh's ship vanish from orbit even though it did NOT enter the black hole's event horizon.

Scene: Onboard Montsy Muuh's ship, Montsy sees Mooclick and the rest of the universe as moving slower in time then it appears frozen solid. Then Mooclik appears to start moving backwards in time, at least to Montsy. So does the black hole's accretion disk. It appeared to slow down to a stop and then it started orbiting backwards at least to Montsy's perspective. Montsy saw he was burning way too much fuel to keep this fixed relativistic orbit above Cygnus and decided to break orbit with the black hole and return to the area of space to avoid being frame dragged so rapidly.

Ater passing through this region of extreme frame dragging Montsy Muuh discovers he is 5000 years in the past and confronting a Sephirotic Hyperturing called GOTO12 who is exploring Cygnus X1 at this time period.

5000 years in Montsy's past

GOTO12: What the heck are you?

Montsy: I am the first Muuh scientist to time travel back into the past. Now I can tell you, the Terragen representative of this time period, about my exploits and all of future history - and my successful effort to create a paradox and prove that it is possible.

GOTO12: Thats all nice and all but unfortunately for you I am no longer a Sephirotic hyperturing. I was assimilated by the Amalgamation swarm just 5 years ago.

Montsy: Oh uh!

Most of Montsy is digested by GOTO12 including the recordings of Montsy's trip. The Amalgamation decides to secure the black holes of these volumes just in case any of Montsy's memories prove useful or will prove useful.

Time travel, paradoxes, hmmm... thought the Amalgamation; what fun.

Story by Eric Lo

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