John C. Wright
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The Golden Age: A Romance of the Far Future - It is at least 10,000 years in the future if not more. People are immortal and the Solar System has been transformed. The Sun is threaded with controlling structures to manage its output and control its reactions. Venus and Mars are terraformed and Jupiter is a new star. AIs rule everything (sort of, and maybe we are getting the government we deserve) and humanity and its 'Sophotechs' are linked into the Mentality, a vast mix of virtual and realized layers that allows people to copy themselves, erase or fake memories and tele- transport themselves all over the solar system.

Into this Utopia comes Phaethon who, during the Masquerade leading up to the once every thousand years High Transcendence learns that he is not entirely who he thinks he is. The story unfolds into a clash between those who would seek growth, freedom and adventure against those who want only safety and security above all else.