Anaximander (system)

System containing the Kammerer xenosophont biome

Kammere before Restriction Swarm
Image from Steve Bowers
Kammerer before the restriction swarm was put in position

Anaximander System- Data Panel

StarAnaximander, YTS 955673 7889 00
Stellar Type:G3V
Luminosity0.8837 x Sol
Companion:YTS 955673 7889 00B K2 orange dwarf 2000 AU distant
Region:Carina Rush, 3667 ly from Sol, constellation Carina,
(1050 ly from nearest alien species, the Cthonids)
First Reached7882 AT; Kammerer became a Caretaker Protectorate in 10000 AT
Image from Steve Bowers
Lyshenko, a hot SulfoJovian world near the local star
Planets:b Lysenko:
Type SulfoJovian;
Radius 61492 km;
Mass 179 x Earth;
Semimajor Axis 0.13545 AU;
Orbital Period 0.05126 standard years;
Irradiance 48.16 x Earth's
Rotation 449.36 standard hours
Obliquity 0.07

c Kammerer:
Type AquaGaian - Garden World;
Radius 5171 km;
Mass 0.93 x Earth;
Semimajor Axis 0.93074 AU;
Orbital Period 0.92337 standard years;
Irradiance 1.02 x Earth's
Rotation 27.954 standard hours
Obliquity 8.93
Kammerer holds a single alien, transapient envome, known as the Festuca Sophonce. The independently mobile morphs known as Joker Leaf-ants are among the most intriguing, and dangerous, inhabitants of this world.

Warning; Kammerer is protected by a Caretaker God restriction swarm. Do not approach.

d Saint Hilaire:
Type AquaJovian;
Radius 65635 km;
Mass 246 x Earth
Semimajor Axis 3,3259 AU;
Orbital Period 6.2349 standard years;
Irradiance 0.079 x Earth's
Rotation 14.738 standard hours
Obliquity 27.47
Saint Hilaire holds a small number of NoCoZo bubblehabs, using their proximity to Kammerer to observe events on that restricted planet

e Koestler:
Type AmmoJovian;
Radius 78056 km;
Mass 525 x Earth
Semimajor Axis 22.538 AU;
Orbital Period 109.69 standard years;
Irradiance 0.0017 x Earth's
Rotation 6.82 standard hours
Obliquity 33.66

Saint Hilaire
Image from Steve Bowers
Saint Hilaire, a temperate gas giant which hosts a number of monitoring stations, observing the garden planet Kammerer from afar
Image from Steve Bowers
Koestler. a cold, rapidly rotating CryoJovian world in this system
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