Blue Star Dysons

Dyson Swarms constructed by the New Beneficence in MPA space

Blue Star Dyson
Image from Steve Bowers
A Blue Star Dyson around HIP 77858 , 420ly from Sol in Scorpius
Stars utilised include Acrab (Beta1 Scorpii Aa, Beta1 Scorpii Ab, Beta1 Scorpii B) and HIP 77858 all around 400ly from Sol.

The Blue Star Dysons are a series of dyson spheres constructed by New Beneficence in MPA space, mostly around hot stars in the region near the Sharpless 2-7 molecular cloud. These stars were originally claimed by the MPA, but the Association have leased these stars to New Beneficence since the Integration.

These systems are connected to the Nexus by comm-gauge wormholes, and are believed to be heavily connected to the Godweb. The Blue Star Dysons are the main dedicated computational substrates for NewBe, adherent Beneficents, and the virchspace they reside in. The New Beneficence is known to have at least one weylforge in this volume.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 18 April 2020.