Sunhugger Dyson Sphere, The
Matrioshka Hypernode 1
Image from Darren Ryding
The Sunhugger Dyson Shell
Star YTS 44429-10-11-9
Type M8V
Mass 0.088 x Sol
Luminosity 0.005 x Sol
Distance from Sol 1012 ly

The Sunhugger Dyson Shell is a relatively small power collection suprashell around a red dwarf in the M39 cluster. This stucture is only slightly larger than its sun. The Sunhugger is an important megastructure in the Archaipelago.

It is populated mostly by sentient machines that feed upon heat energy; these entities are loyal to the Archsaur.

Matrioshka Hypernode 2
Image from Darren Ryding
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Development Notes
Text by Darren Ryding
with additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 07 December 2019.