Religion based on the eternal recurrence of the Cosmos

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Cosmocyclism is an "atheistic religion" based on physical law rather than arbitrary belief. Specifically, it is based on the idea that after the heat death of the universe, extremely improbable quantum events will occur due to there being an infinite amount of time for them to happen. This includes the recreation of sophonts or entire worlds spontaneously, or even a new cosmogenesis. Some Negentropists, among others, consider the chance of a new Big Bang to be an opportunity to get things right this time.

These recreations, according to followers of the Cosmocyclism faith, will be just as much the real thing as a backup of the sophonts in question. Although most popular in the Sophic League, Cosmocyclism exists in all Sephirotics. It is highly controversial in the Negentropy Alliance, with some believing that it will provide them with a "safety net" should all be lost, while others are of the opinion that it will distract them from their task by making it seem less critical. In general, its popularity owes to the fact that it means that even in a strictly non-supernatural universe, the unbacked-up will still not be lost forever. Many variations also exist, including, but certainly not limited to:

Beneficient Cosmocyclism: The belief that the next iteration of the universe will be better than the current one, whatever the holder of this belief imagines "better" to be. Applied at a transapient level, this is thought to have been the cause of at least five blights, all of which attempted to convert all matter they found into computronium to facilitate multiple transcensions and eventually the use of godtech for the destruction of the universe via gravitational collapse. It is not known whether such godtech could actually exist, but given that the AI God Keter appears to have omegist leanings, and that the universe obviously still exists, it is unlikely.

Maleficient Cosmocyclism: Popular among many Negentropist sects, this is the belief that the next incarnation of the universe will be worse, again depending on the definiton of "worse". This is often used as a motivation for preserving the universe against entropy as long as possible. More supernaturalist variations hold that the universe cycles through good and bad cycles, and in the good cycles, Negentropists exist to preserve it, and in bad cycles, Cosmocylists try to hasten the Heat Death. This is generally held to be nonsensical by Negentropists and mainstream cosmocyclists alike. Of note is that these variants cannot agree on whether the current cycle is "good" or "bad".

Xenophysical Cosmocyclism: The belief that the set of objects and physical laws in the next iteration will have no overlap with the same set in this one. That is, the next cycle will literally be nothing like this one. Statistically, this is of course by far the most likely option, but for obvious reasons, many sophonts are reluctant to accept it.

Keteristic Cosmocyclism: Not actually a religion at all, but merely a justification for Keterism, asserting that the universe is destined for an omega point, which will then create new universes. Many of these will themselves become omega points and merge into the original, creating a sort of "meta-omega point". It concludes that an infinite amount of computation is possible, and therefore every sophont should augment their toposophy as much as possible, as per mainstream Keterism. A complex series of superbright-level logic and mathematics is used to prove that infinite future computation means that ever-increasing amounts of present computation is sustainable. This is, naturally, usually considered cosmocyclism only in name, even by its proponents.

Subjective Cosmocyclism: Also known as Utopian Cosmocyclism, this asserts that each individual subjective perception of the universe is cyclic, and that the purpose of life is to increase the repetition window of this cycle as much as possible. This take the form of broadening the number of experiences that a sophont has via a combination of unrestrained hedonism and virch usage. This interpretation is understandably quite popular, particularly in the Utopia Sphere.

Cosmocyclism, being a fairly basic memetic concept, has spread to every corner of the Terragen Bubble, and perhaps slightly beyond it. Transapients have their own versions, although the descriptions they give do not seem to indicate any kind of connection with the modosophont meme. Ahuman AIs have also been known to hold these beliefs, from the occasional contacts with them. As always, further data is unavailable. A few species of xenosophont also have members who ascribe to it, particularly To'ul'hs, thanks to their incredibly humanoid psychology. A few Meistersingers have hinted that cosmocyclism is a component, though not a major one, in their belief system. Many Muuh, who, thanks to their slow timesense, perceive time as going by very quickly, have taken it up, asserting that the universe will not last long enough to enjoy fully. Countless Discwuzits have self-destructed trying to correct this idea. Overall, cosmocyclism is a very common meme or memetic component, and many beings are attempting to create new memetic combinations involving it.
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