The Rannamaari

Image from Steve Bowers

The Rannamaari is the oldest marine-habitat beamrider ship. It was launched from the binary brown dwarf Yin-Yang in 650, ferrying a crew of some thirty Madi to Ross 128. Since then it has been retired, refitted and pulled back into service dozens of times. The original ship had a single hoop of water with a minor radius of twenty metres and a major radius of a hundred and fifty metres, sandwiched between the inner magsail and the forward shield.

In the current era, the Rannamaari serves a route near the STC. It has been rebuilt so many times that it has almost no parts in common with the original ship (in some sectors, it has entered the dialect as a substitute for the Ship of Theseus). It has two slowly rotating aquatic rings. Both have a minor radius of fifty metres and outer radii of two kilometres and three kilometres respectively.

It is one of the more famous ships on the beamrider network, and at any given time there is a waiting list of two to three times the ship's carrying capacity. A number of recreations provide more convenient access, which vary from the original design to its current form. These include 9 ships in active service on the Beamrider Network, 32 parked in-system, and 17,000 in virchworlds.

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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 03 May 2017.