Black Tower of Tartarus 1
Image from Darren Ryding
A distant view of the Black Tower

Star JD 107109
Location Lyra
Type KV5
Luminosity 0.3 x Sol
Galactic xyz 421.62 786.44 345.83
Right ascension 18h19m0.4s
Declination 34°26'07.0"
Distance from Sol 957 ly

The planet Tartarus was named after the Hell of Greek mythology, due to its hostile terrain and climate. For most of the planet's decades-long terraforming process, twenty million colonists and subsequent generations resided in the Black Tower - a vec-constructed arcology 16 km high.

Black Tower of Tartarus 2
Image from Darren Ryding
Looking up at the Black Tower from ground level

Despite its imposing, gloomy appearance, the Black Tower boasted a high and comfortable standard of living. It is now a popular tourist attraction and historical monument, an outstanding example of the particular variation of Maximal Architecture found in this volume.

Black Tower of Tartatus 3
Image from Darren Ryding
Looking down from the top of the Tower

Before terraformation, Tartarus was a cool terrestrial world with extensive ice cover and without free oxygen. Today it holds around a billion modosophont citizens, a mid-population, mid-tier tourist attraction, like the nearby world New Dumont (13 light years distant).

Image from Steve Bowers

The Black Tower of Tartarus- Video Tour

clip by Darren Ryding

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