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DD 1/Other theories exist, of course. One possibility is escape into something resembling the Galbydeia Torus - although the Torus itself appears to be unstable, even dangerous, it seems possible that a more-stable branching structure could be an attractive environment for certain types of processing.

DD 2/The big problem with any use of baby universes is bandwidth; an advanced civilisation could become established inside a pocket universe, but it could only communicate with the original universe via wormholes of a finite size. This limitation would isolate them from the main part of the Terragen Sphere and vice versa. In some ways this isolation might be a good thing - the hidden civilisation could easily evolve in strange and disturbing directions once it was in a suitable environment.

DD 3/Perhaps they have discovered some imminent danger, and have engineered a way for themselves to escape. Waa! The bastards have left us behind!

DD 4/ Don't kid yourselves- they haven't 'vanished' - they've just committed suicide - blasted their clusterbrains into atomic fog.

That's what Ain Soph Aur means when it says 'no need for a computronium substrate'. You don't need computronium when you are dead.

DD 3/ Or they're ghosts. Ghosts don't need computronium either. Waaa!
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