Lambda-2 Sculptoris

Archailect node for Netzach, the Archailect of the Communion of Worlds

Lambda-2 Sculptoris
Image from Steve Bowers

Star: Lambda-2 Scl
Luminosity: 40 x Sol
Type: KIII
Distance from Sol: 338 ly

One of the main nodes of the distributed S:6 archailect of the Communion of Worlds. When assuming a male aspect, this archailect is sometimes known as Netzah or Netzach, the Victorious; this name has taken on a new meaning after the successful conclusion of the Oracle War. When assuming a female aspect, E is known as the Lady of Beauty. In neut mode the archailect may be referred to as the Understanding One.

Lambda-2 Sculptoris is currently largest node of this archailect. A series of structures surrounding this star provide energy for computation, the whole structure resembling an orange rose from certain angles (or some say). Other nodes exist surrounding several luminous stars located in the southern quadrant of the Orion Arm, presumably linked to Lambda-2 Scl by high-bandwidth comm-gauge wormholes. Some godwatchers and archailectologists maintain that the god-nodes in the Communion rely on empathy and deductive telepathy to a greater extent than those in other empires, reducing the dataflow between nodes to an unknown extent. Others reject this conclusion, pointing out that the amount of inter-node connectivity appears to be at least as high in this empire as in any other.

One possibility is that although the archailect representing the Communion of Worlds is just as 'real' and just as powerful as the other major Sephirotic archailects it is less distinctively a separate and distinct 'person' and more a collective sort of consciousness.

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Text by Steve Bowers and Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 11 February 2014.