Gimbaled Sentry Weapon Platform
Gimbal Mine
Image from Johnny Yesterday
A Gimbaled Sentry Weapon Platform (GSWP) is a robotic weapon architecture that consists of, at minimum, a base, a robotic gimbal joint, an attached weapon payload, a sensor suite, and a means of control, usually an inbuilt ai.

The example depicted in the above images is equipped with three broad-spectrum ClearEye optical sensors (two domes on the EFP warhead, a hemi-toroid on the base), 2 cubic-centimeters of olfactory array, acoustic phased-array microphone skin, three geophones (for triangulation), and self-deploying sensory-filament. Its base is compatible with geckotech and barbule patches and tape, quickset chemical adhesive, self-tapping screws, magnets, soil-stakes, and mud-anchors to facilitate attachment to virtually any kind of surface.

GSWPs may be camouflaged under a thin-shell spectrographically and thermographically-correct artificial rock, log, or other environmental object. They may be housed inside a deployment canister buried in the ground, hidden in the floor, walls, or ceiling of a structure. GSWPs may be concealed and deployed from below the surface of a body of water or other liquid using buoyant-tethered-submerged canisters.

A wide variety of weapons may be deployed on a GSWP, among them are ACERs, micro-missiles, explosively-formed penetrators (EFPs), laser weapons, and slug/flechette-throwers. Non-lethal options include MDMr grenade-launchers, electro-lasers, and electro-stun projectiles.

Gimbaled Missile platform
Image from Johnny Yesterday
Gimbaled missile pod
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Initially published on 29 December 2013.