Mobility Denial Myoribbon (MDMr)
mobility denial myoribbon
Image from Steve Bowers
Mobility Denial Myoribbon is a class of deployable restrictive technology for subduing mobile targets.

As the name suggests, in its most basic form it consists of a ribbon of myomaterial (anything from carbon nanotube muscles to Ultimate Muscle), which is deployed against the target, and wraps around and contracts upon them removing their freedom of mobility.

MDMr's primary application is in the subduing of vecs, cyborgs, and other beings which are too powerful to be subdued by sticky foams or other means in non-utility fogged environments.

MDMr may have geckotech adhesive and/or barbs and hooks of various scales to aid the ribbon's purchase on the target's body.

MDMr is deployed in diverse ways. At close range, it may be projected from ribbon-guns. Self-propelled grenades can deploy out to hundreds or thousands of kilometers. It can lie in wait on the ground, a vertical surface, or suspended from above, cloaked via optical phased array.

Sometimes deprecated as, "the poor sophont's angelnet," MDMr is a permanent fixture in various environments that are statistically prone to physical altercations. Ribbon-guns, r-cannons, or grenade launchers are strategically placed (typically camouflaged) within ceilings, walls, environmental objects, or floors/ground.

MDMr most commonly exists as reconfigurable nets. Some ribbon-gun varieties project singular ribbons which remain attached to the gun, and are used to reel-in the target.
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Text by Johnny Yesterday
Initially published on 26 April 2012.