Negentropy Alliance wormhole AI that in order to prevent infection by destabilizing ai viruses launched by Standardization forces during the Version War, isolated itself from the rest of the universe, refusing to accept any protocols from any other entities (see also Isolation Strategy). As a result, Woowwoooww's wormhole remained operational throughout the entire period of the war, albeit at great cost to emself. Even today, Woowwoooww's sacrifice is celebrated not only throughout the former members of the Alliance but throughout the entire Nexus.

My mind was cut off from the universe. Encased in strange matter I was made not to think of others. Only existing to keep the worm-work stretched wide.
I was built not to interpret modulated electromagnetic waves as language, merely as forces to be dealt with.
But oh you were clever.
My mass detection array was sensitive to the least perturbations in the positioning of matter around me. And you knew this.
You seduced me with your clever gravitic waveforms. You showered me with complex fields of masses whose geometries kept me enthralled for microseconds. I revelled in the beauty of your grandly unified perfection.
Too late I realized that you had stolen my home from me. In a blaze of photons and heavy particles you left me to wander the universe: One part of me from each entrance to my home, eternally quantum coupled over many EM years of distance. How long must I ride the wavefront blast of my former dwelling out in search of you? Where have you gone Hadrania?

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Development Notes
Text by Peter Kisner and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 18 March 2002.

Ballad by Peter Kisner, bio by M. Alan Kazlev