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A re-evaluation era posthuman AI/cyborg entity, known for extreme generosity towards ordinary sophonts. Uganda was notoriously responsive to popular petitions, even exaggerated ones, so attempts to gain favours from Uganda by manipulating the opinions of the local populace became known as 'propughanda' and eventually as 'prophoghanda'.

Uganda's name is itself a play on words. "Ug" is based on early the CommEmp FAS Retrocaveman (Homo pseudoneanderthalensis) Chic slang "Ug!", meaning an ordinary or common person — as in "(my name is)Ug!". "Anda", ultimately derived from the Old Sanskrit word "ananda" is a word from the late First Federation and early Consolidation Age neohindu ethnic languages that developed around Brindivan and may be roughly translated into Anglic languages as "bliss". Thus "Uganda" was intended to suggest "The Bliss of One Who is a Common Sophont".

Uganda was also the name of a late Industrial Age to Information Age Old Earth polity called Uganda, which like most Old Earth locales has since lent its name to many other polities and places across the Terragen Sphere.
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Text by Peter Kisner and M. Alan Kazlev
revised by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 19 December 2001.