New Robinson

Image from Steve Bowers

Martian colony on Oberon, moon of Uranus, Middle Interplanetary to Early First Federation period.

A small but prosperous and high tech community, and important early strategic presence for the Mars republic in the cis-Uranus sphere, New Robinson survived the Technocalypse, thanks to advanced bionano blue goo. However the destruction of one of the domes meant the loss of the medical bodysculpting unit. The survivors, while still retaining medical and rejuvenation bionano were unable to rectify the effects of gerontism that developed over the next four and a half centuries during which the isolated colony became a caste-based Gerontocracy. Rather than see this as a disadvantage, the leaders used their age-related physiology as a sign of being the elect.

Like many isolated cultures and Dark Age clades, the newrobinsonites resisted the Federation for some time, seeking to preserve their traditional way of life, and contemptuous of the youth-obsessed inner Solsys society. Inevitably, their own younger people rebelled or left for the inner solsys worlds and habitats. When the development corporations moved in the remaining newrobinsonists decided to join the Dottie geronotomorphs in the Yang Band. The last geronotocrat left Oberon in 3192 AT.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 December 2001.