Also known as Luthor, Little Luthor LuTor.

Ovoid-shaped S2 TRHN mobile ISO, capable of interstellar travel. Lut'or is the author of a number of godseeds, including the much sort after Lil Lutor, and various other artifacts, some with an obvious purpose, others of seemingly only decorative value.

As with many TRHN ISOs, powers, and godlings, Lut'or's origins are unknown; even eir name is a mystery. Some have derived it from L'Thor, meaning "of the [archailect] Thor", others from Lex the borg Luther, the pulp-replicant antihero, others again from Tor(q) of Lu. But none of these explanations are very plausible.

Like many TRHN free agents, Lut'or travels widely through and beyond the Nexus, has eir own cult following among S<2 sentients, and is often in demand as a public speaker.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.