Kontore League, The
Harriot and Danzig
Image from Steve Bowers
The gas giant Harriot and its paraterraformed moon, Danzig. A Kontore League colony
An early First Federation exploration/colonisation megacorp founded in Solsys.

Baltic League Symbol
Image from Steve Bowers
Kontore League megacorp trademark, an ancient Earth cog.
Many, but not all, of the members of the Kontore League claimed that their ancestors originated from Europe, although they had also spent many centuries and many generations in the Lunar Warrens and Bracelet Band where their historical traditions became both diluted and distorted. The Kontore League sponsored the the colonisation of Danzig and Nathan, among other Inner Sphere worlds.

Image from Steve Bowers
Nathan, another Kontore League colony.
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Initially published on 26 November 2011.