Dauntless Incorporated
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One of very few images captured of Piecemaker. A warship currently in the employ of the Dauntless Inc, a NoCoZo private military corporation.


Dauntless Incorporated originated as the Dauntless Combat Corp in 2323 a.t., a mercenary unit providing defensive services for their clientele against piracy, corporate conflicts, espionage and other military threats. After the establishment of the Non-Coercive Zone Treaty in 4368 a.t. the organization restructured to become the military insurance provider known as Dauntless Inc. Today Dauntless Inc. has a wide array of divisions and subsidiaries spread across an ever growing number of star systems, with an asset base enabling the company to provide services at all levels, from individual to corporate to entire polity.


Division 1: Security
"Piracy? Competing corporate interests? Aggressive neighboring polity?
Establishing a new frontier colony? No problem. With our elite security products and personnel, our clients can rest easy."
~ Dauntless corporate literature

Utilizing a diverse array of equipment and personnel, the Dauntless Inc. Security Division maintains the capability of addressing a wide variety of concerns ranging from simple bodyguards or anti-hacking systems to full spectrum counter intelligence and retaliation forces.

In 5381 a.t. Dauntless Inc. founded the Colonial Expansion Brigade to meet the growing needs of the frontier. This unit specializes in new colony security techniques along the frontier or similar locales where help may be a long time coming.

Division 2: Restitution Recovery
"Being coerced is both illegal and unpleasant. If this happens to you, the Merrion Accords grant you restitution, but that doesn't mean the violating party is always willing to pay. Whether the debtor is an individual, a corporation, or a polity, Dauntless Inc. makes sure collection is never a worry for our clients." ~ Dauntless corporate literature

The Restitution Recovery Division utilizes a number of techniques including litigation, arbitration, memetics, and if necessary, retaliatory violence. In the rare event that violence is required the corporation appears to take great care to adhere to the standards set out in the applicable Merrion Accords. In many cases the appearance of impending violence is nothing more than a piece of the larger memetic puzzle strategically implemented to achieve the desired end.

During the Version War, Division 2 forces are known to have engaged both Solar Dominion and Negentropy Alliance forces, capturing an unconfirmed number of systems as restitution for their clients. In lesser events they have been known to assume control of personal or corporate fiscal assets, facilities, or even single moons.

Division 3: Violence Consulting
"So you've decided it's time to take action, but you're not sure exactly how. Whether it's personal, system wide, or interstellar, our staff of professional strategists have a record of success designing and managing conflict stretching back to a time before the Version War. Let us help you show the universe you're not a pushover. " ~ Dauntless corporate literature

The Violence Consultation Division specializes in strategic and tactical planning. Client cases range from personal retaliation to full military campaigns. As a part of their services the Dauntless Inc. staff conducts a thorough, and unbiased, examination of both the client and the desired target(s). The goal of this examination is to develop techniques and strategies for the client to maximize their available resources in achieving the desired end. At times it may be determined the client is simply outmatched, an example of this would be a modosophont wishing to act against an offending transapient. In such cases Dauntless Inc. can offer additional service packages of varying price points more conducive to achieving the clients goals. In all cases the corporation is careful to remain within the limits established by the Merrion Accords, and all contracts indemnify the corporation against reprisal for actions taken on behest of their clients.

Division 4: Training
Utilizing a number of specially built facilities, some encompassing entire systems, the Training Division offers programs in conflict management, strategic and tactical thinking, corporate espionage, threat evaluation, and a variety of combat skills ranging from individual combat and ground warfare to full fleet tactics and management.


Piecemaker: An original member in the Dawn Mutual Protection Treaty Organization. Piecemaker first came to public attention as a Daveth Habitat-Raper ship hunter. Shortly after ascending to S:3, Piecemaker retired from nearly four millenia in the field and is currently employed by Division 4 as an instructor with the Fleet Tactics Academy.

Xi Taivasse: A field manager of the Colony Expansion Brigade, Taivasse led the hopeless defense of the fledgling Nothing Ventured colony in 8742 a.t. against xeno insect-borg species HJK159927-A1. Although the assault was overwhelming, the delaying efforts of Field Manager Taivasse allowed a large percentage of the colonists to escape. A sculpture commemorating the event, showing the fully armored Xi Taivasse atop a pile of insect carcasses firing e's helbore into the enemy, still stands in the colony to this day. Despite this recognition, after being restored from backup the field manager has yet to make e's way back to the colony.

19-F17-3363: Former Cyberian AI specializing in hacking and corporate espionage. Prior to joining the staff at Dauntless Inc, 19-F17-3363 is widely thought to have been responsible for the "kNot Possible In Ril Life" virus that raged through the Negentropy Alliance border system of Hailey's Knot. Infected systems attempted to replicate in 3D, shapes only possible as 2D and 4D visual tricks. This played havoc on local ufog and nanofac systems that attempted to process and replicate the impossible designs. As of this writing only circumstantial evidence has been found regarding e's involvement.

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Initially published on 21 August 2011.