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Hellbore beam used during the Schism War against Tyler, a Timeloopist world; the beam is almost invisible until it hits atmosphere

An advanced plasma weapon that fires a bolt of monopole-contained plasma at near fusion temperatures. An adaptive high energy laser guides the bolt through atmospheres, and via an advanced application of the ponderamotive effect, compresses the monopole contained bolt to a critical density at the desired range. At critical density, monopole-catalyzed fusion occurs, resulting in rapid release of the mass-energy in the plasma. In atmosphere, primary energy release is a thermonuclear-equivalent shock wave and heat release with a secondary laser impact. In vacuum, energy release is soft x-rays with secondary laser impact. Some versions add trace amounts of elements in the plasma or monopoles to generate specific effects such as neutron or EMP production in a manner similar to that of older style so-called "enhanced nuclear weapons".

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Initially published on 25 June 2006.

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