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Humanoid Armoured Fighting Vehicle, basically a manned walking weapons platform. Can range from an armoured exoskeleton only slightly larger than the occupant, to an excessively large construct the size of a skyscraper.

Robotic (unmanned) mecha are generally known simply as Mechs; turingrade humanoid fighting vecs are sometimes known as vecha, although they are generally classified in the larger class vechai or vechidae. Externally, mecha, mechs and vechai may look very similar.

Mechas are generally vulnerable because of their erect posture, as they present an easier target than a tank or scrub slug. But their uncanny gigantic humanoid appearance can itelf be a weapon, striking fear into many human (and some non-human) clades. Mechas are sometimes useful for construction and other tasks which low-lying vehicles are not suited for.
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