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New Superconducting Quantum Interference Device - a device which is capable of nanometer-resolution of microvolt discharges over a meter distance, or better. These devices include one or more loops of high-temperature superconducting material separated by thin, insulating Josephson barrier layers, formed from layers of non-conductive diamondoid materials.

Designed based on the relatively crude quantum engineering practices of the 2nd century a.t., they are still quite often used in advanced modososphont-tech devices such as transcranial stimulation arrays and space sensors.

Ultrasensitive quantum interference devices are used for many purposes in transapientechnology, including non-invasive neural scanning which may be used to determine the mind-state of a biont from a distance (without using a technotelepathy swarm). A very few clarketech devices capable of such remote mind-scans have become available in the past, and most of these are closely regulated by various governments or other official bodies.
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Text by John B, additional comments by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 30 June 2003.