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A natural outgrowth of technoanimism. Technoshamanism is the art of understanding and negotiating with the ubiquitous sentient, sapient/sophont, and pseudosophont or pesudosentient items and beings that are encountered in day to day life by a typical modosophont in the Civilized Galaxy. For vecs, bionts, cyborgs, and the like it may also include skill in entering and negotiating diverse kinds of virch environments; for ais and sims it is the skill of entering and negotiating with the world outside a virch. A technoshaman is one who uses technoanimistic attitudes and a deep, implicit knowledge of the motivational or programming aspects of the local environment. This may itself include the art of securing the aid of an aiviser. Technoshamans may or may not have an understanding of the underlying principles of technology, but in their day to day interactions they depend primarily on their ability to understand and manipulate relationships. Some of the most skilled technoshamans are representatives of empath clades from the Communion of Worlds.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 17 January 2010.