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Flera is a genetically engineered plant derived from lettuce. The original developers were rabbit provolves who lived on space habitats (historians can confirm that the design originated in the Watership Cluster, but exactly which hab is unclear).

The purpose of flera is to provide calorie-rich, nutritionally balanced food of sufficient bulk for a single serving to be filling. This maximizes the value of a given volume of food. One serving of flera contains all of the calories and nutrients that the subject needs for one day — as long as the eater partakes of the correct variant. There are dozens of subspecies of flera, each of which is optimized to meet the needs of a class of related bionts.

Flera is a common and popular food among sapient herbivores, especially the Lepusan man/rabbit splice, and many omnivores enjoy the occasional salad made with flera.
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Initially published on 15 September 2009.