Bombard Fruit
Bombard Fruit
Image from Steve Bowers

Bombard A fruit originating from the Citrus gene stock, Bombards were first grown on Marden, and the Mardeese bombards are still considered amongst the very best.

Bombards can vary from the size of a pumpkin to an Old Earth orange. The only noticable change between a small bombard and an orange is the sweeter taste and the lack of peel or noticeable seeds. Larger bombards tend to have a considerably more solid fruit flesh than smaller bombards. In addition to the sweeter taste, the bombard is also full of useful vitamins for nearbaselines.

Since the 4th millennium, many bombard strains have been geneered to include useful trace minerals required by personal bodynano and biotech systems.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 16 July 2008.