Extinct Aquatic Xenosophonts

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Scant remains of an aquatic civilisation 312 million years old have been discovered in the Bentharis system; very little remains, but what is identifiable may be compared to ancient records of an extraordinary interstellar incident, preserved in slightly different forms by both the Muuh and the Silent Ones (who must themselves have inherited it from earlier species). These records suggest that the extinct species were known as the Hov's'sa.

If the ancient histories or myths are correct, the Hov's'sa were one of the rare aquatic civilisations to achieve any kind of industrial technology. This was of a very primitive sort, melting metallic ores in 'Smithing temples' near active undersea volcanoes, and using steam vents to drive unreliable engines. They were aided in part by their constantly volcanic planet with its shifting volcanic plates, and in part by belief in their Volcanic god. The Hov's'sa believed they were the Chosen beings in this universe, although they did not concern themselves with the fate of any other species which visited their world over the years.

This brought them into conflict with an expansive interstellar race, of which little trace been found by xenoarchaologists. The ancient histories call them the Tkzeph Empire. This expansive race also believed that it was Holy, guided by their Divines. The inability of the Hov's'sa to move from their volcanic hot-spot locations made them vulnerable to attack from space. After the Hov's'sa had been crushed militarily the Tzkeph had planned the eradication of their culture, with the ultimate goal of turning the Hov's'sa away from their false Volcano god so they could worship the Tzkeph divines.

The ancient myths or histories that have been preserved record that at this time the Tzkeph empire suddenly disappeared, together with their Divinely controlled (AI?) wormholes and almost all trace of their civilisation. The Hov's'sa civilisation also vanished, but even more mysteriously; the legends suggest they were relocated by a transdimensional being into another location, possibly another brane or a tailor-made baby universe
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