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POLITYOrange Polity
SYSTEMCrossroad 3920
PRIMARYYTS 2892-5093071
REGIONThe Seams, Mu Nu Duo Corridor
PLANETSa number of rockballs, a Cytherean type world, a terrestrial world with unbreathable atmosphere, several Jovian and Subjovian gas giants.
AI OVERSEERSNone apparent. Though the star lifting complex almost
definitely holds a transapient entity, it does not communicate with
the Orange Polity.
S ETHOSBurdikeer Ethos.
LOCAL GOVERNMENTIndifferent Military Dictatorship, consisting of earlier mercenaries. Lower administration tend to be meritocratic, though this is inconsistent the farther one travels from the center of power
POPULATIONc.362 million sophonts
Bionts : 50.2% : 181.7 Million
Artificial : 37.8% : 136.8 Million
Infomorphs : 11.6% : 42.0 Million
Xenosophonts : 0.3% : 1.1 Million
Transavant : 0.1% : 0.4 Million
STARGATES TONoGo Solarius(Corridor 3919), Traction (Crossroad 134), Golden Globe (Corridor 3921)

Corridor #3920 (YTS 2892-5093071) is an F2 star, located on the border between Negentropy space and the MPA. First colonised in 3826 a.t. by Negentropic neumanns, the system sustained itself through star lifting of the system's star, sending relativistic mineral packets via mass driver to Saruman's Hope in exchange for luxury goods and high-grade computronium. The system's gas giants were left intact for what is believed to have been aesthetic reasons.

In 4529, during the height of the Version War, the system was invaded by NoCoZo mercenaries, which quickly eliminated all the inhabitants of the system. From 4529 to 4633 the mercenaries stayed in the system to repair and refit, before moving on to New Garfield.

The young Burdikeer assigned a small autowar patrol to the system, but it was otherwise left untouched. Some time in the 48th and 49th century slowboat negentropist refugees from Galatea and Old Ferentis finally reached the system, and took over the abandoned mercenary installations (which were based on converted Neumann installations). Using abandoned NoCoZo nanofabs and their own Negentropic nanofabs, the refugees constructed the necessary tools to begin mining the gas giants, and managed to not only survive, but also thrive. The culture developed a philosophy of complete non-violence and the importance of art and social interrelation, calling themselves the Sovivers.

In the 55th century Burdikeer Neumanns arrived, and began mining the outermost of the system's gas giants, stashing the mined resources 60 AU from the star. The Sovivers was informed that they could continue to mine the innermost two gas giant, but that the outer gas giants were now claimed by the Burdikeer. After having nearly converted the entire gas giant into manageable packets, the Neumanns went into hibernation. Approximately 1200 years later, in 6686, a wormhole arrived from Corridor #7634 (NoGo Solarius), a heavily industrialised NoGo system. Except for the traffic of transports and the Burdikeer Neumanns reinitiation of star lifting from the system's star, the Sovivers culture were untouched by the changes.

In 8711 a second wormhole arrived from Crossroad #134 (Traction), a crossroad system with many sophont corporations and enterprises located physically in NoCoZo space, followed by another in 8713 leading to Corridor #10482 (Golden Globe), a system with a Type I Dyson Shell, inhabited by various sophonts, in a corridor deep within the MPA. When the wormholes where opened for sophont traffic in 8716 all hell broke loose.

To the corporations of Traction, the system not only represented the fastest way between the Psi Zeta Threo Corridor and the Mu Nu Duo Corridor, but also held new natural resources close to home and a terraformable planet that had been ignored by the Sovivers.

The first wave of outsiders consisted of independents, which quickly seized many of the pacifistic Sovivers installations and habitats. The Sovivers had no law enforcement agencies, and wouldn't hurt another being to save their own lives, so within two months most of the Sovivers had either been killed or were starving refugees trying to make their way to Traction or Golden Globe in leaking ships.

The second wave was the established corporations. Bringing with them either mercenaries or their own in-house security forces, the corporations either purchased habitats from the independents or simply kicked them out. Having seized bases of operations, the corporations then tried to capture as many assets as possible, each attempting to seize control before any other corporation. First a few mercenary units skirmished over a prime piece of space. Then in-house security forces got involved. And slowly the conflict escalated. Some corporations withdrew from the system, but others invested further forces into the conflict.

It was from this conflict that the current administration sprung. Six months after the beginning of the conflict, the Orange Operators were hired by Skystream Inc. and sent into the region. The mercenary force, lead by Commander Rayont, a Su rumoured to have participated in fighting all the way back in the Version War, captured several vital mining installations over the next three months. However, in that time he also made contacts with several other of the mercenary outfits engaged in the conflict, and forged an agreement. In the beginning of 8719 most of the mercenary forces changed sides to Rayont and proceeded to capture most of the system, forcing the remaining corporate forces to surrender. The corporate military forces was sent from the system, and after consolidating his power, Rayont declared the foundation of the Orange Polity, with himself as the supreme administrator.

In the aftermath the corporations were allowed to maintain business and mining in the system, as long as they paid part of the profit to the Orange Polity. Most of the profits were passed on to the mercenary forces, as pay for their participation in the coup. Some of the mercenary outfits left the system, but a part stayed with Rayont as a permanent security force, both to keep order within the system, and to ensure that no corporation would try a quick take-over. In addition to the corporations the area is popular with treasure hunters, looking for abandoned tech from the Negentropist Neumann or the Version War mercenary fleet, art from the Soviver culture (which has grown quite popular in some niece markets due to its rarity), or salvage from the Corp Conflict.

Rayont has set down his HQ on the system's terrestrial planet (Little Ray), and has hired contractors to terraform the planet. Generally Rayont's security force ensures order around the corporate mining installations, along the space lanes and in the inner parts of the city that has developed on Little Ray. However, outside of these areas things are mostly lawless, and independent miners of the Oort cloud, as well as treasure hunters further insystem need to watch out for pirates based in installations from the time of the Negentropist Neumann, and other out-of-the-way places. Groundside, simple bandits may lurk, especially in the unregulated parts of Little Ray City.

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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 22 November 2006.