Torus shaped metastable artificial solid planet

Image from Steve Bowers
The Hoopworld, destroyed in the Oracle War

Hoopworld - Data Panel

StarHip 86705
Distance from Sol477 ly
Major artificial structureHoopworld
External radius 70,000km
Secondary radius 3000km
Rotation Period 23.3 hours
Inclination 30 degrees

Technically a self-gravitating fluid ring with a solid crust 20 km deep. Gravity was normal to the surface at all points. The top and bottom of the hoop were arctic in climate, as they received less sunlight. The atmospheric circulation was potentially extremely complex, but was dynamically altered to resemble a Gaian world.

This structure had eleven times the surface area of Earth, but required dynamic stabilisation to retain its shape and size; after the Oracle War this was no longer available and the structure disintegrated in 10580

Extract from 'The Oracle War'
The wars on the artificial toroidal planet called Hoopworld were particularly protracted. The planet had a surface area of eleven standard Gaian worlds, and after thirty years of advance and retreat it seemed that nothing short of destruction would stop the joyful battle-lust of the Enthralled armies. Once a team of transapient Deprogrammers arrived through normal space the tide turned in favour of the citizen armies, as more and more regions were freed from the delusions of the Mystery Cult. In a last ditch attack before they were finally eliminated the Thralls attacked and destroyed the dynamic stabilisation systems buried beneath the crust of the torus; this resulted in the torus losing its stability. The structure became unsafe and after the conflict was finally resolved it was abandoned, leaving the structure to slowly tear itself apart by 10580.

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 07 November 2008.

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