Ozymandias (world)

Captital world of the Premacy

Image from Steve Bowers
Star YTS 967110.9
Type F4V
Distance from Sol 1897 ly
Planet Ozymandias
Type Eujovian
Semimajor axis 6.1 AU
Diameter 151099 km

Other planets in this system include Mary and Castlereagh

In the constellation Vela is the F4 star YTS 967110.9 with its fifteen planets, the eighth planet being Ozymandias the capital of the jovian-adapted Premacy tweak clade. Ozymandias is 150,000 km in diameter, with an extensive ring system and a strong magnetic field, with respectable radiation at cloud top level causing problems for non adapted visitors.

Oxymandias displays strong atmospheric banding, with distinct.lighter coloured Zones and darker Belts. The various nations of Ozymandias are each more or less confined to an individual atmospheric Belt or Zone.
Image from Steve Bowers
The most influential is the Omeg Premacy in the North Tropical Zone, with a population of twenty billion superbright floaters living in gigantic bubblehabs. The Omegs are supervised by an S3 transapient known as Ziller which exists in a computronium substrate distributed throughout their Zone.

Most Omegs are Technomegists, who believe that one day they and the omegarchai that will rule the universe in the future will cause an omegist collapse and that they will create a new universe from the dregs.

In the South Tropical Zone live the Svantizer nation, also superbright, who only use slaved artificial intelligences, which they have purchased from the Omegs and their patron transapient. Each slaved AI comes with guarantees of non-conscious obedience, but many Premacy analysts are sceptical of these assurances.

In the North Temperate Zone and the South South Temperate Zone are the Genen Premacy, relics of the original clade which was created by House Genen in 5700 AT in the Lyra sector. The Genen Premacy spread out across the Terragen Sphere and reached Ozymandias in 6800. The Genen Premacy are experts in biological extremophile and hard radiation adaptations.

At the poles, in the North and South Polar Regions are two different nations of xenoprovolves, the Diricharks and Dayheron flyers, presapient xenobionts discovered in NoCoZo space which have been increased in size to accommodate larger nervous systems.

Living as guests in the South Temperate belt is a Mirrored Owl embassy, a distributed group mind providing entertainment through their cloud art.

Lastly, living in all the downwelling clearskies of the Temperate and Equatorial Belts are the Provolved Angelhairs, another xenojovian species, and the Dissembler Premacy. The Dissemblers have a cultural taboo against telling the truth in any social situation outside their immediate sibling group, and are skillful and amusing liars, especially to their own transapient entity Contend In Vain, who apparently finds their attempts to fool em highly amusing, especially on the rare occasions when they succeed.

The Premacy (cartoon)
Image from Juan Ochoa
The Premacy are a clade of squat, strong centaur-like humanoids, adapted to the high gravity of their cloud-top homes on Ozymandias. However they are quite capable of thriving in microgravity as well.

Note: there is no special connection between the planet Ozymandias and the Ozymandias Institute.
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Initially published on 02 September 2003.