Iahi Daon home star system

Jupkai III (clouds removed)

Primary: G2V-class star (Jupkai; ACAF 12563-98241-6612)

Location: 6459 ly from Sol; Carina volume

Planets: (NoLWoCS classification with EWoCS modifiers)
-Jupkai I: Hermian
-Jupkai II: MonoxoArean
-Jupkai III: FortoGaianTundral
-Jupkai IV: EuJovian
-Jupkai V: Adamaean
-Jupkai VI: LithicGelidian

Jupkai III

Diameter: 10,980 km (0.86 x Earth)

Biodiversity class: Garden world

Basic biochemistry: Water/nitric acid/carbon

Evoltype: RNA-QKH4; Drift-Transformist (Lamarckian)

Notes: Jupkai is about 3.5 billion years old out of an estimated 10 billion-year lifespan. The Jupkai system will be disrupted by a near-miss (<100 AU) encounter with an M-class dwarf in about 80 million years.

-Summary of initial Hamilton Institute survey ship report. Full report (1.94 exabytes) is available from the nearest HIE data repository.

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