Genetic Independents

Genetic Independents
Image from Anders Sandberg

Pro-genetic engineering activist group, late information era.

The Genetic Independents supported the idea that all humans should have the right to modify their own DNA arbitrarily, using whatever means available. Partially morphological rights supporters, partially genehackers, the Independents were the sworn enemies of luddite groups and genetic property right advocates. In many cases the Independents were behind practical jokes or sabotage against such groups, as well as the spread of classified genetic information and technology on the net and in the underground economy.

Over time their genetic capabilities developed, producing many more or less altered members. Several actions in support for both provolves and genetically modified humans gave them a broad and complex ally network. It grew into a politically significant network in Earth and Cislunar space during the early Solsys Era, before being absorbed by the Genetekker ideology.

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Initially published on 18 February 2001.