Atomic Spiders
Atomic Spiders
Image from Anders Sandberg

Infoterrorist group 64-76 a.t. A closely knit team of net-based infowar terrorists behind worldwide anti-government attacks and general vandalism.

Unlike earlier hacker and infowar groups the Spiders combined misinformation, memetic design, cracking, and traditional terrorism into "New Concept Terrorism" such as the Berlin riots of 71 and the mega-vandalism of Nyretrade of 73 a.t. Using common unpatched security holes in home robotics they invented massively parallel home invasion, where large numbers of bots were hijacked for criminal or pro-paranoid purposes such as gathering valuables and throwing them out the window, spraying graffiti everywhere, or migrating en masse towards some victim. After several highly publicized incidents and a massive net-hunt, two of the members were finally apprehended in 76 a.t.; after the setback the group never recovered, but copycat groups continued their work.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 18 February 2001.

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