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Nova Terra

Nova Terra
Nova Terra after terraformation

Nova (Tau Ceti II) is the oldest interstellar colony established by the Human Race; despite its position near the centre of the Inner Sphere this world has remained a traditional terraformed Earth-like planet. The single continent is divided into several diverse countries, which are loosely affiliated with the libertarian NoCoZo. Many ancient sites are worth visiting, notably the Novamedia Studios, Triassic Park and the Kingdom of Eyre. Also unmissable are the Canyon homes of the Magellan Range, (see next item).

The Canyon Homes of the Magellan Range

Canyon homes on  nova Terra
Image from Anders Sandberg

Hanging buildings in the Magellan range, Nova Terra. The massive nanofeedstock pipelines into the Upback Massif have been active for almost 7000 years, accumulating a sizeable symbolic meaning to Novaterran inhabitants. In 3300 the government began to use hanging prisons suspended from the pipelines in the many canyons.
Today, many are exclusive hotels and holiday villas, while new development has seen suspended buildings erected on a grand scale in this region.

Cloud Cities on Cumulus

Cloud Cities on Cumulous ::
Image from Todd Drashner

Saturn-like jovian located in the Solward Middle Regions of the Sophic League. Most notable for its floating balloon cities, made possible by the low density of the planet, which results in gravity at its 'surface' being equal to that of Earth. The cities support themselves with vacuum dirigible technology and use nucleosynthesis of the planets hydrogen atmosphere and nanotech to provide themselves with any needed materials or goods and are totally self-sufficient. A popular tourist destination for those wishing to meditate among the clouds.

Wadai Ring Megastructure

Image from Phil B

The oldest Circumstellar ring in the Terragen sphere, Wadai was built by Islamist refugees from the central African Alliance. The central star is a heavily shielded white dwarf, which provides illumination for eighteen hours out of twenty four. The great city of Timbuktu is highly recommended, with its rich cultural heritage and thriving music scene; but the Wadai experience is best seen from one of the nomadic tent cities which are to be found in the vast landscape.

Moving Days on Wadai

Moving day Ouaddai
Image from Steve Bowers

A large proportion of the population of Wadai is nomadic, moving their herds and databases from one fertile area to another periodically on what are known as moving days.

Such transmigration is common on large megastructures, but the Wadai moving days are notable for occurring largely on foot accompanied by provolved and baseline beasts of burden. Guests are encouraged to travel with the column for as long as they can to see the ring at its best.

Image from Steve Bowers
Maximal City on Barzelona

The world of Barzelona is one of the more interesting in the Sagittarius Transcultural Cooperation; here can be found examples of many of the architectural styles from around the galaxy, each taken to a flamboyant extreme. In Maximal City the Gothic style of Medieval Europe is blended with Maximalist aesthetics to produce a wealth of detail and form. Don't miss the Architectural Duels and Ox-Chariot races.

The Capitol
Image from Steve Bowers
The Capitol, Earth

This building is, for many, the highlight of a tour of Earth, especially those who claim American ancestry. Now surrounded by the Great Boreal Forest, this building is one of the few relics of Information Age civilisation preserved on that planet.

As is well known very few pilgrims are allowed to visit the surface of the old planet, but hyper-realistic virtual tours and induced memories are available at a fraction of the cost.

Fredre Iskare

Saro-Mbuna Affair
Image from Steve Bowers

The alien ruins on Fredre Iskare are famous for being the location of the well known rivalry between the xenoarchaeologists Yosh Saro-Mbuna and Kenth Roduimo. Today the visitor can visit the site and the museum-city devoted to it, including a best-guess reconstruction of part of the alien civilisation which constructed the city millions of years ago.

A City of the Silent Ones

Silent City
Image from Anders Sandberg

Recently a limited number of tours have become available of this alien civilisation based near the star cluster Ruprecht 46. The Silent Ones have an ancient, isolationist civilisation which has never attempted interstellar colonisation.These beings long ago achieved a stable state of development and have changed little for millions of years. Do not expect to interact with the inhabitants to any great extent.
Some say that the Silent Ones are more interested in the tourists who visit their world than they appear. Any visitors should follow the recommended guidelines on behaviour, as they are themselves probably the subject of intense scrutiny.

Dow Jones City, Merrion

City wide shot 2 ::
Image from Juan Ochoa

The largest city on Merrion, Dow Jones City is a remarkable place to visit. The low gravity allows the elaborate fancloth yachts to fly with ease beneath the high bluesky domes.

While actual coercion attempts remain extremely rare, visitors should note that the outer system is a Tier III polity, which makes subscription to a PPL (Privately Produced Law) firm or having an integrated insurance-arbitration contract *strongly* recommended.

Elsirac Ring, Arkab Prior B

Elsirac ring
Image from Steve Bowers

This Bishop Ring in the Arkab Prior B system is configured to replicate the deserts of Earth and of Peta Dromanis. Here the Elsirac Ordinaries continue to live as unmodified human baselines together with their robot servants, which they have designed and constructed themselves.

A trip into the high desert is recommended, inside an air-conditioned robot caravan (when and if local political conditions allow tourism).

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Text by Steve Bowers, Juan Ochoa, Todd Drashner and Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 13 September 2006.