Jainist Cellular Augments
A techno-religious movement predominantly among bionts that grew out of Jainism. The Jainist Cellular Augments believe that every living subunit of one's being is a life to be respected and cherished. They use nanites to stabilize and supplement all their constituent cells, immortalizing the cells (even bacteria living within them), organs, systems, and in the case of hive minds organisms that compose their being. Even gametes are held in an immortal state. They are also strictly pacifists and abiotophages. They seek to avoid harm to any living entity, floating on gentle jets of air generated by utility fogs to avoid crushing life underfoot. They eat only chemically produced nutrients.

There are two main divisions in the Jainist Cellular Augments, the Copy-clad and the Spirit-clad. The Copy-clad employ backups as insurance against accidents. The Spirit-clad eschew backups, instead trusting in spiritual reincarnation in the event of death. The Jainist Cellular Augments, due to their belief in scrupulous protection of their constituent parts, do not usually engage in transcension, and augmentation is in the form of additions to the body rather than replacements.

The Jainist Cellular Augments are found predominantly in the Sophic League, the Negentropist Alliance (who respect their anti-entropic ways), and some parts of the Utopia Sphere.
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Text by Glen Finney
Initially published on 02 August 2005.