During the Interplanetary Age, a number of sociological and economic groups were interested in better adapting people to life in an intensive and high-technology age. One such initiative that they funded was an attempt to increase the natural human linguistic ability, extending it to give an instinctive childhood ability to learn not only spoken but also written language, as easily as an unmodified baseline human learns to speak.

Although not an easy thing to implement, it was eventually done, producing a group that became known as Ireaders (from 'Instinctive Readers'). The Ireader modification proved to be a useful one, and it spread quite quickly through the sophonts of Terragens space.

Over time a similar process of modification has been applied to other mental processes, such as mathematics, producing 'Imathmos' and so on.

There have also developed a number of hard-line sub-clades who have modified themselves to be able to understand only written communication rather than the spoken form. These are known as Oreaders (from 'Only Readers').

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Text by Tony Jones
Initially published on 01 August 2004.