Interplanetary Age to recent - Originally hu baseline or nearbaseline (later expanded to include any biont) who uses medical nano to remain perpetually at the physiological development of a prepubuscent. The equivalent of an eight to ten years old human baseline is the most popular range, but some have fixed themselves as young as two or three. There is an attempt to regress the personality to the equivalent age, but this has proved somewhat more difficult or in some cases impractical, and many low grade peterpans are a bizarre psychological combination of young child and adult. The most respected peterpans however are those that can retain or return to the most authentic childhood psychological state. These usually are accompanied by bot, vec, aioid, or biont minders who handle the day to day needs of their young charges.

The oldest living peterpan, Tommy Ries, was born in 346 a.t. , had himself petered in 389, and survived the Technocalypse, Version War, Paradigm Containment effort and many other adventures. Most current peterpans however are no more than a few hundred years old.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 19 December 2001.