Pelagic Subtype

Ocean Worlds

Image from John M. Dollan
Sarustre, a Pelagic world with total ocean coverage

Gaian Type planet. Water covers 80 to 100% of the surface. Oceanic climate varies. Land life, if advanced, may be stunted due to a restriction of terrestrial biomes. The atmospheres may be oxygen rich due to photolysis of water vapour and other ocean-related factors. Some worlds have an oxygen content in excess of 90%. Some pelagic worlds have very thick atmospheres; worlds that have hot, high-pressure supercritical oceans are known as PelaVenusian worlds.

Temperate Pelagic worlds with deep oceans are known as BathyPelagic worlds; those with shallow oceans are called EuPelagic worlds. Worlds with icy oceans are given the PelagicGelidian Subtype designation.
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Text by John M. Dollan in his Planet Classification List
Initially published on 19 December 2001.