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Obtaining control over somebody's mind by hi-tech, ultratech or transapientech methods.

This may involve a criminal using technology they have developed or obtained to gain control over a victim's mind by nanoinfiltrators, hacking DNI systems or other means. The victims can be made into willing accomplices, cat paws, slaves or simply defrauded of their possessions. The most powerful forms of mindjack tech are rare but powerful clarketech devices which can be used by modosophonts; such devices bring high prices on the black market.

Alternately the mindjackers may be acting for the local government, using mind control tech and memetic engineering to ensure a docile or obedient population. On occasion certain independent or non-sephirotic transapients have used a combination of memetic engineering and low-level direct stimulation via the victim's own neurotech connections to achieve a form of mindjacking that is imperceptible to the victims; by remotely triggering emotional responses such as happiness or disgust an unsuspecting sophont may be deceived into thinking that they are forming strong opinions about a particular course of action. This sort of mindjacking was used by the independent transapient at Bolobo during the Mind Control scandal during the Age of Expansion, and more recently by the Oracle Machines to control the Enthralled.

The most potent form of mindhacking is known as Binding, which involves completely overriding the sophont's conscious control of eir own body. In this method the sophont can observe the actions of their hijacked body, but is powerless to prevent them.

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