TundralXeric Subtype

Dry Earth-like worlds in an Ice Age condition

Image from Steve Bowers
A TundralXeric world with a small ice-free strip near the equator
Dry Gaian Type world with a cold climate, with an average temperature of around -50 °C. ocean cover on a TundralXeric world is between 0-25%; compare with GaianTundral and TundralPelagic worlds.

Oceanic ice, even near the equator, can be up to 1 kilometer thick or greater. With almost no precipitation the continents are barren dry wastelands. On land life is restricted to microbial forms, while in the oceans it is typically found only around hot springs and thermal vents.
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Text by John M. Dollan in his Planet Classification List
Initially published on 09 January 2002.