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'Translogic' is the most common term modosophonts have used since approximately 1,000 AT when it became evident that transapient entities were using something other than standard logic. It is believed by modosophont 'transapient observers' and mathematical translators that 'translogic' may be related to logic as quantum mechanics is related to Newtonian mechanics, or non-Euclidean geometry relates to Euclidean geometry.

There is little doubt among the great majority of observers that translogic is at least as effective as logic, and the majority also seems to indicate that translogic is quite a bit more efficient than logic. Baseline supremacists often use 'translogic' as a derogatory term - a good cultural indicator as many sociological observers have reported.

It is quite likely, due to the large number of disparate reports of S> interaction and attempts at teaching, that translogic is actually multiple different skills and/or conceptual sets, some of which appear to be mutually exclusive. However, no nearbaseline has (per S> indication) yet proven capable of handling translogic 'formulae'.

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Text by John B
Initially published on 18 November 2004.