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A sophont who has augments and mods that give em limited transapient abilities. This may be in the sphere of intellection or transcognition (such as understanding a particular transapient protocol) or functioning (e.g. greater precision control over a brushbot limb).

There is some overlap between Transcyborgs and Transavants, and Transavants frequently use transcyborg techniques and technology. However, transcyborgs are not actually trying to ascend to higher toposophic levels. Rather, they are trying to augment their own abilities.

Like Transavants, Transcyborgs are prone to psychological and even technological dysfunction; the greater the degree of "spike" of the augment, the greater the stress and instability.

There are many examples of imbalance of this sort, including transapientech interface without cognitive control, hypercognitive analysis or related superintelligence abilities without enhancing associated psycho-neuronal functioning, increasing muscle mass and strength without corresponding integumentary or structural support, insufficient waste heat dissipation, to name only a few.

Transcyborgism is especially popular among powermodders, mercenaries and other "bloatware" sapients, especially in wildhu regions and non-sephirotic polities. It is rare in the Sephirotic autotopias, where the transapient administrators gently ensure that augmentation and self-actualisation always follow the most optimal pathways.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev, with comment by David Jackson
Initially published on 04 November 2004.