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The Topia Bracelet is a Banks Orbital which surrounds the planet Topia at a distance of 1,100,000km, and rotates at the same speed as that world.

Star: HIP 85986
Type: G5V
Distance from Sol: 609 ly

The first of the Beta Arae worlds that became the Utopia Sphere, colonized and terraformed by Clade Columbia-Bartlebel from Ceres Mater, and their AI guardian.

Topia: An ancient and venerable planet, first of the Beta Arae worlds that later became the Utopia Sphere. Colonised and terraformed by Clade Columbia Bartlebel from Ceres Mater and their AI guardian, Chesed the Giftbringer. The surface is 63% water, with two continents, Demeter and Eros. Demeter is an ultratech supported pastoral paradise, while Eros is a land of unashamed hedonism, today mostly populated and administered by liberated erotogini. The Gleaming Pinnacle, an artificial island of smart matter, is the oldest temple to Ceresian Keterism outside Ceres Mater. Though most believers moved to Cyrene in the 4800s, the Pinnacle remains for Keterist pilgrims looking for historical perspectives of divergence.

The Topia Bracelet: A Banks Orbital constructed around Topia, opened in 5201 to commemorate the thousandth anniversary of Chesed's ascension to the fifth toposophic. It rotates in sync with Topia and is connected to the surface via magmatter braced space cables. The majority of Topia's inhabitants live on the bracelet, with the planet itself being reserved for pilgrimages to the 'original utopia'

See also the article on the Eutopia system, where more details about this system are given.

Image from Steve Bowers
The Gleaming Pinnacle on Topia, with the Topia Bracelet in the background
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