Tem Kemper
Middle Regions world terraformed by a consortium of cyber, bio and nanoborg clades with the intent of creating a naturally evolved and evolving bio-cybernetic ecosystem.

The planet has been seeded with a combination of simple biological and cybernetic organisms, all designed to have no more or less advantage over their organic or inorganic counterparts. With an occasional nudge by the ecological engineering teams the lifeforms on the planet are being gradually engineered to evolve symbiotic and parasitic relationships with each other in much the same manner as occurs with various biological organisms in naturally evolved ecosystems (digestive tract bacteria etc.) The planet itself is uninhabited but there is an extensive orbital band as well as habitat clusters in the outer system left over from the original terraforming. System population is about a billion, mostly various types of cyborg clades with a small scattering of vec, aioid, and nearbaseline enclaves.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 09 January 2002.