Elsirac Ordinaries
Elsirac ring
Image from Steve Bowers
This Bishop Ring in the Arkab Prior B system is configured to replicate the deserts of Earth and of Peta Dromanis. Here the Elsirac Ordinaries continue to live as unmodified human baselines together with their robot servants, which they have designed and constructed themselves.

A trip into the high desert is recommended, inside an air-conditioned robot caravan (when and if local political conditions allow tourism).
Ingenious non-nanotech baseline/nearbaseline human clade.

Forced to flee Peta Dromanis after the Version War, the tribes of the Sirtis Desert found a new home in the MPA habitat Elsirac Ring, at Arkab Prior B. The ruling faction known as 'Ordinaries' adopted the macrotech way of life, rejecting augmentation and nanotech, and have created a wealthy and sophisticated society on this dry world.

Some of the most advanced products of unassisted human technology are produced here, particularly the watersaver mills, and the modular robots which are their assistants and companions. No other society demonstrates the ingenuity of the original species of humanity more clearly.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 23 June 2003.