Electra Entity
Expansion age nanocyborg activist clade, Pleiades Volume.

In 4212 AT the heterosophist cyborg clade Electra Entity in the outer Merope Oort cloud, Pleiades Volume, achieved posthuman nanocyborg status, and began feeding subversion templates to Haloists and other regional opponents of out-system development. The most dramatic success Electra Entity and eir allies had was the subversion of the entire Farview Merope Orbital Park administration, control and corporate culture network.

The megacorp superbrights, superturings and hyperturings stepped in quickly to rectify the situation, and an expeditionary force removed Electra Entity from the area. It is not clear what became of the Entity after that, but a relativistic cyborg vessel fitting their description later turned up at the nearby TRHN outpost of Sargen 5, where they formerly requested, and were given, acceptance into the TRHN empire. It is believed that elements of the Entity have attained several singularity ascensions since. In any case nothing has been heard of them since the early Empires period. However several cyborg clades throughout the TRHN apparently show signs of Electra Entity nanomorphology. Further research is hindered by the reclusive and isolationist characteristics of these elements of TRHN society. The situation is confused by the fact that two cyborg clades in the Sagittarius Outer Volume show strong nanomorphological parallels, despite having no wormhole links or other connection to the TRHN.
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 October 2001.