Standard Damage Waiver Board
A service free for purchasers and users which coordinates (at a fee paid by the producers and/or safety corporation(s) involved) the 'standardization' of damage waivers across multiple competing products and producers.

It is one of the longest lasting boards of its type to have a single, unmodified charter - a record of 3,500+ terran years since its last modification. There have been many other such organizations in the past, some of which are still quoted as authoritative in the Periphery, but the only one currently active is the Standard Damage Waiver Board. Their transapientech sealing is proof against many forms of forgery, and their legal grouping (composed of a multiple-instance transingular AI and many lower intellects) is quite active, constantly closing down forgers at a most impressive rate.
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    Those waivers approved and sealed by the Standard Damage Waiver Board. They are normally what is meant by a 'damage waiver' and are distinguishable by their seal. The classic example is the standard damage waiver for 1 litre of fluid water in a single-use soft pressure vessel, which runs to approximately 5 quadrillion characters as translated into ancient earth English. This is easily understandable, as it covers all 'safe' uses for that quantity or some smaller amount of liquid water, including weapons-grade uses, heat dissipation, heat absorption, heat transfer, diffusion, solution, lubrication, ice production, biological uses, etc.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 30 June 2003.