Damage Waiver
A part of doing business with any sophont within the NoCoZo, damage waivers indicate that the product or service in question is deemed 'safe' for a specific type or types of sophonts when used in one or more specific manner(s).

Accepting the waiver frees the product's creator and/or provider (as specified in each waiver) from liability from any injury caused by the product when not used in an approved-safe manner by an applicable sophont. As usual with NoCoZo agreements, no sophonts are required to accept any given damage waiver, however it is generally dangerous to accept products without at least a damage waiver if not a standard damage waiver to prove the 'safety' for specific purposes. Also some (non-standard) damage waivers include terminology which requires the user to only use the product in specific manners, or restricts the users' rights to use the product in other ways. In contrast, the standard damage waivers only indicate the safe manner(s) of usage for the product and offer recompense if the product, while being safely used, causes damage.
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    Those waivers approved and sealed by the Standard Damage Waiver Board. They are normally what is meant by a 'damage waiver' and are distinguishable by their seal. The classic example is the standard damage waiver for 1 litre of fluid water in a single-use soft pressure vessel, which runs to approximately 5 quadrillion characters as translated into ancient earth English. This is easily understandable, as it covers all 'safe' uses for that quantity or some smaller amount of liquid water, including weapons-grade uses, heat dissipation, heat absorption, heat transfer, diffusion, solution, lubrication, ice production, biological uses, etc.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 09 October 2001.