Colloquial term used to describe sophont to transapient level software based lifeforms whether of virtual, ai, or upload origin. Sophtware entities are usually characterized as not being limited to a single dedicated processor to support their minds but instead operating as mobile blocks of self-referential code able to transfer themselves over information networks and among any group of processing substrates designed to accommodate them.

The original term was a typographical pun on 'software' in early Interplanetary Age English; pronunciation of the two words in most derived Anglic languages has since diverged.

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    A person. A being that has the quality of sophonce. Such beings are sometimes called 'sapients'. For historical reasons, sophont-grade ais, may be called 'turingrade ais', even though because of philosophical and practical difficulties with the Turing Test the term 'sophont ai' would be clearer.
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Text by Tony Jones
expanded by Todd Drashner and Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 11 September 2005.