Social Preserves
Social Preserves are worlds or habitats where the local society has been carefully frozen at a particular stage or form, and where those who are most comfortable with that society and who do not wish to change go and live while the rest of Terragens society moves on around them. Many of the inhabitants of these worlds are effectively the reverse of the Willowsoph, refusing to adapt to changing times.

Some Social Preserves are physical worlds where the inhabitants live normally, but with their society memetically controlled to deliberately avoid change. To those from outside this might seem to be a horribly over-controlled dictatorship, but to those inside, who want to be there, it is the most comfortable environment for them. Others are NoTee or CycleT virch worlds set up on the same basis, in some cases freezing the society of the inhabitants at the point of what they consider it to be its greatest achievement.

In most cases the Preserve is deliberately cut off from external influences that might affect the overall social form of the place.
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Text by Tony Jones
Initially published on 03 May 2005.