Successful dinosaurian herbivore group native to the Mesozoic Era of Old Earth. Distinguished by a uniform trend to gigantism (up to 80 tonnes in several species - the maximum for terrestrial earth-normal gravity physiology), elephantine quadrupedal posture, huge necks and long tails, and tiny head.

Sauropods have always been a popular subject for lazurogenesis, featuring large in the baseline human imagination. A number of species were lazurogened during the later First Federation and Consolidation periods, and some of these were then provolved.

NeoSauropod provolves, mostly space adapted and with extensive bioborgization, are common in some local habitats around Owen, a few converted asteroids elsewhere in the Utopia Sphere, and throughout much of the middle hinterworlds Negentropy Alliance.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 December 2001.